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As the impossibly chic and insouciant Sylvie Grateau in hit TV series Emily in Paris, French actor Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu has won a legion of fans worldwide – and learnt how to ‘not give a damn’ in her own life.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is bang in the middle of promotional work for the new series ofEmily in Parisand, even though it’s well into Parisian happy hour on a Friday night, she has graciously given up a chunk of her evening to talk to AMAZING. Her only request is that she speaks to me off-camera. “I am a bit tired. I just don’t want to turn the [Zoom] camera on, if you don’t mind,” she says politely. It’s something you can imagine Sylvie Grateau, her character in the hit Netflix show, saying – but somewhat more forcefully. Since she first sashayed onto our streaming screens in Emily in Paris two years ago, as the formidable and fabulously dressed boss of a Paris marketing agency, the French star has become a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere – both young and old. So popular has she/Sylvie become that fans are agitating for a spin-off with Leroy-Beaulieu as the lead. For Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu's full interview and shoot, pre-order your copy of AMAZING issue 3 now.


Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu wears Valentino.
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Even the actor admits to taking tips from her politically incorrect, sharp-tongued and fearless character. Not only does she relate to Sylvie, she says she’s learning more about herself through playing the role, which – given that we are now into season three with a fourth in the works – would suggest quite a lot.
What started as a light-hearted, fairly frivolous look at the obvious differences between French people and Americans, with Lily Collins as relentlessly cheerful, culturally ignorant Chicago import Emily, has gradually evolved into a more nuanced study of the two cultures. According to Leroy-Beaulieu, series three, released on 21 December, is “funnier, more complicated, a bit meaner and more in-depth”, diving into each of the main characters’ backstories, including Sylvie’s. “I’m starting to know her well enough to relax into her more, so I’m really enjoying it,” she reveals.
“I like her because she is tough but vulnerable; she’s demanding, but also with herself,” she continues. “She has a very tender spot, [although] she’s not sentimental in the sense of being wishy-washy. She has that kind of tough love [approach] that I like. She’s very sharp, she’s very honest and doesn’t take any bullshit. Something Darren [Star, series creator] told me was, ‘What do we learn from her character?’ It’s the freedom of being yourself, which is a deeper freedom than doing what you want.”
So, what has she discovered about herself? “I learnt about my strength. I knew I was strong but now I understand where I am strong. Sylvie is also a big opportunity for me to do some shadow work, as you would say, because you have to tap into stuff that you don’t normally do in real life. It is so much fun to play Sylvie because I can say and do stuff that I would never do in real life, because I am too polite. It’s something a lot of actors can relate to; you can delve into your demons, which gives you a lot of freedom and strength.”